Our on-site health care professionals deliver services provides employees with effective and efficient primary care, which allows our clinics to:

  • Treat primary care needs on-site to minimize direct medical costs, reduce lost work time and absenteeism, and improve productivity
  • Provide annual Health Risk Assessments through LabInsight to reduce high-cost downstream health care expenditures
  • Build employee loyalty, enhances recruitment, and reduces turnover

Primary Care

Our primary care services provide treatment to employees and, if desired, dependents and retirees. We provide all the services a primary-care physician's office would offer but at a lower cost and greater convenience. In addition to treating minor illnesses and injuries we offer ongoing treatment and management of chronic conditions.

Occupational Health

Our occupational health services provide treatment of work-related injuries or illnesses with return-to-work programs that increase productivity. All of our occupational health providers are knowledgeable about OSHA regulations related to medical surveillance programs, drug testing, reporting, fitness for duty, and return-to-work exams.

We comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rules and only disclose information to employers that is directly related to an on-the-job injury.


MyHealthGuide powers our HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record (EMR) system. Our EMR allows employees to access their personal health information (PHI) from any Internet-enabled computer through a secure system. Our EMR also allows employees to have access to non-PHI reports and tools.


LabInsight powers our Health Risk Assessment program. Employees and patients receive personal lab results in an easy to understand, color-coded, graphic format that is securely presented in compliance with HIPAA requirements. The information is organized by major categories such as cholesterol, blood chemistry, nutrition and more.

A value-added addition to any wellness program, LabInsight uses evidence-based medicine to promote proactive wellness management between patient and physician. Aggregate reports allow physicians and employers to detect trends and target major health concerns across the population.

CareHere Call Center

The CareHere Call Center provides telephonic support to patients calling 24 hours / 7 days a week. Services include registration, scheduling, and general information as well as providing a registered nurse who will guide the patient in making care decisions when the clinic is closed or no appointments are available. The nurse triage service is URAC Certified.

  • Call Center staff will communicate with clinic staff to help them meet the needs of the patient.
  • The call center helps manage patients after hours and on weekends.
  • The call center allows for patients to have service 24 hours/7days a week/365 days a year.
  • The call center nurse service allows for patients to get guidance on care during off hours.
  • Call center also hosts an email address for patients to ask non-urgent questions.